This is the short note about the website launch which i want the blogwatchers to hav a look!!

After a hard work of over a month ,We are now ready with our website

Please pass on comments to “webmaster [at]

Launch Of gnulinuxclub volunteer driven organization for the propagation for the use of Gnu/Linux and free software amongst users ranging from Newbies to Experts.

We intend to encourage everyone to pickup various Gnu/Linux distributions & Free Software and install it, configure it, and most of all, play around with it!.

Welcome to the gnulinux club!

There are many sections; but the noticeable features are sections for Newbies and Corporates apart from common help and news ! This shows the seriousness of the gnulinuxclub to deal with practical, implementational as well as theoretical issues that intrigue and amuse users.

Through the Community section ,you can join the Gnu/Linux community by using our Blog ,Forums ,Services and Wiki categories.
You can get daily random tips and commands from the Aaj ka tip and Aaj ka Command section. The programming section will help you with programming in Gnu/Linux.You can participate in Polls and support us in many ways.

There is one last point to note! This site is for those who want to learn knowledge related to Gnu/Linux and is linked with many number of Gnu/Linux Websites, Blogs, Forums and Wikis.

We believe that users who visit our site for technical reference/help will get to know about Gnu/Linux and free software also.So we can tell them what do we mean by Gnu/Linux and free software.There is a lot of confusion regarding Gnu/Linux and free software ,so we wish to clear that as well apart from providing them with technical references/help.

Anyone willing to contribute to the website can post their content/articles at our Wiki section,which will be published later at
our website.