A notable question..

Previous Scenario

Suse 9.3 prof
Slackware 10.1
Windows xp

Current Scenario

Suse 9.3 Prof
Vector Linux (GLUB) Given by Gaurav Masand
Windows xp

The basic reason for not removing windows xp from my pc was

-> copying cds and Oracle
and the basic reason for not removing xp now is
-> Oracle

I feel linux , especially when i use KDE, things are self sufficient..
And Suse 9.3 prof uses KDE 3.3 and the vector one uses KDE 3.2
they simply rock!!!!

Suse 9.3 prof || Vector

This is a notable comparison
why people go for suse? (wat i feel!)
-> good GUI
-> similar to windows in lot of aspects, like displaying hard drives
in the “My Computer” section…
-> automounting.. which fc3 dint do and no idea about fc4, but
mandrake did it in 9.0 itself
-> easy package management (YAST)

why people go for vector? (wat i feel!)
-> very fast , the fastest linux i ever tried , thanks to gaurav for
giving it to me. It also solved one of my gubby problems.
-> it is light and provides only basic packages ( but KDE is there! )
-> maximum space it would occupy is 3 GB (min installation 2 GB)
-> this is a single cd distro and installation took only 20 mins
-> whereas suse is 5 cds one and installation took some 1 hr atleast
-> there is a package management too (VAST?), but i never tried it,
since gaurav asked me to do it command line ( this is how i learn

Grubby Issue

I always use grub, because i feel comfortable to edit, reinstall when it is gone ..
but now there came and end to it

i installed slackware 10.1 after suse 9.3 and the grub dint have
slackware entry (unexpected..) i thought the recent grubs would detect
all the os in the pc and provide entry for them to help us in booting
them. Anyway Anindya told me there is another way out, jus editing the
grub and posting few entries. ya i did it, but forgot the “initrd”
entry. But here i save the grub.conf and reboot and i see no slack
entry. ok. i try to go to suse and i get this…

Freeing Initrd memory: 1284k
FAT: Bogus logical sector size 12644
UMSDOS: msdos_read_super_failed, mount aborted
FAT: Bogus logical sector size 12644
FAT: Bogus logical sector size 12644
sh-2021: reiserfs_read_sector: cannot find reiserfson ram disk(1,0)
kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:08

i dont know wat to do, and asked gaurav.. and his solution solved the
issue, but that is not a better one to get rid of such problems. his
solution was to install the *explorefs* and copy the grub.conf and
edit and put it back. This might sound ok, but that same piece of
software prooved to be a failure in my pc few months back ( i had to
reinstall everythign from the root). His other solution was to install
his vector linux and he assured that his Lilo would detect all the os
installed in the pc. Anindya told me to boot from a live cd and edit
all the stuffs i wanted to….!

After hearing everything, i figured out that i would better try the
vector one and see ( this is the only distro i havent installed in my
pc!). And ever since the installation was over, things are
successfull…. 🙂

oooooof its over 😀