Thanks to gaurav for sending me slackware 10.1, kubuntu 5.04, vector linux (selfmade distro)!

i was happy that iam goign to get KDE after seeing the gnome in ubuntu..
which was not bit, but very much dull..
I really dont know why KDE is not giving proper resolution as gnome gave..!
It was the line i told to my inner heart after installing kubuntu, removing ubuntu..
So all told me to edit xorg.conf as i saw in google..
ah, i found that my monitor refresh frequencies are not set there i set it by seeing my monitor (samtron 56v) manual and restarted…!

to my surprise, nothign happened, i got the console rather than the 640 x 480 resolution 😦
wat do I do? i jus installed slackware, so that i thought my luck would help me, but now nothign helped me.. all i saw was console and it dint even start the xserver
i was bit sick of googling now so jus mailed gaurav
lets see.. wat he tells me to do..

waiting for his reply..

Uthra asked me to add articles about java, tomcat and other stuff that are useful to non linux users, hope i wil do that in the next week,sometime 🙂

got to learn the RDBMS [book?]