Ullam ketkumae.. waste of time..

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It was absolute waste of time
we (myself, kirthika, sathya) were already late to the movie..
jus got the ticket for the 35mm (which i hate) screen..

this happened 2 days before

and today it was totally a different scene………!
it was Anniyan part II for me (huh i call my second time movie exp this way)… it was great as usual 😀

here is my fav piece from it heehhehhe

The image “https://i0.wp.com/im.rediff.com/movies/2005/jun/20anniyan3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


FAQ Links for UNIX, SQL, Java



perfect faqs 🙂


http://www.jchq.net (180 Questions)
http://www.javaranch.com/maha/_Mock_Exams/JohnJuntMockExam.htm (65 Questions)
http://www.lanw.com/java/javacert/default.htm (21 from a database of 72) (42 Questions)
http://www.javaranch.com/maha/_Mock_Exams/MindQ_s_Sun_Certified_Java_Programmer_Practice_Test.htm(60 Questions)
http://www.geocities.com/skmajji/Main.html (30 Questions)


interesting faq

DIAS settings for TUX

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Wanted to have my DIAS settings over here
Iam loosing the crappy note everytime.
so here is it

After installing rp-pppoe the following settings need to be followed

Username=> <myname>
password=> <mypass>
DNS =>
Secondary DNS =>

thats it 🙂 and net is up
I never had any bitter exp ( never tried) in configuring modem,
because mine is external modem. Jus this pppoe script worked fine for
me.! Thanks to the link (which i forgot now) which helped me to chk
with the DNS stuff which i was messing up before the things started to

Debian Sarge 3.1


I got the debian sarge cds from one of the like minded person named
muthukumaran, from chennai.. Thanks 🙂 All the 16 cds are perfect.. I
thought if it was a DVD it would have been fine. Anyway.. I wanted to
install is with 3 more os, which my hdd is preventing me from doing
so… but at some point of time i wil have it when i get a 100 gb hard
disk 😀

Slackware 10.1 () Kubuntu

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Thanks to gaurav for sending me slackware 10.1, kubuntu 5.04, vector linux (selfmade distro)!

i was happy that iam goign to get KDE after seeing the gnome in ubuntu..
which was not bit, but very much dull..
I really dont know why KDE is not giving proper resolution as gnome gave..!
It was the line i told to my inner heart after installing kubuntu, removing ubuntu..
So all told me to edit xorg.conf as i saw in google..
ah, i found that my monitor refresh frequencies are not set there i set it by seeing my monitor (samtron 56v) manual and restarted…!

to my surprise, nothign happened, i got the console rather than the 640 x 480 resolution 😦
wat do I do? i jus installed slackware, so that i thought my luck would help me, but now nothign helped me.. all i saw was console and it dint even start the xserver
i was bit sick of googling now so jus mailed gaurav
lets see.. wat he tells me to do..

waiting for his reply..

Uthra asked me to add articles about java, tomcat and other stuff that are useful to non linux users, hope i wil do that in the next week,sometime 🙂

got to learn the RDBMS [book?]

MS Office Shortcuts

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Here is the List of shortcuts keys that one could use everyday in various MS Office Applications.

Most of these shortcuts have now become generic shortcuts for all MS Windows applications.

CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + B Bold
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + D Font Settings
CTRL + E Centre Align
CTRL + F Find
CTRL + H Replace
CTRL + I Italics
CTRL + J Justify Align
CTRL + K Insert Hyperlink
CTRL + L Left Align
CTRL + M Tab – Indentation
CTRL + N New Document
CTRL + O Open Existing Document
CTRL + P Print
CTRL + R Right Align
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + T Hanging Paragraph
CTRL + U Underline
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + W Save and Close Document
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + > Increase Font Size as per Point List
CTRL + < Decrease Font Size as per Point List
CTRL + [ Decrease Font Size by 1 point
CTRL + ] Increase Font Size by 1 point

i got it from Venu who is working with M$ technologies

Archu @ Archana.S.R. – BTech IT – CBE
Cartesian Product == Cross Join 😀