I was not much aware of the embedded system things till today morning
but after attending the technical session by Kevin reg this, i was
rather moved to become a embedded programmer, seeing the various apps
that run .. etc…

Nice to see the demo reg the WinCE
i was searching all thru google to find the expansion for *CE*
But i couldnt
i got many answers..
few are..

==> Compact Embedder
==> Consumer Electronics
==> Compact Edition..

But wat is it actually.. an easy os developer tool for the small
handheld devices ( influenced by demo! ) and many other devices..

I was reading an article in pcquest regarding the “Flash memory” in
the PDAs etc..
the author was pointing out that there was very less usage of those
flash memories though it was taking very less time to load and execute
the apps there. The major drawback was cost. This thing struck my mind
for few days.. and after Kevin developed a small app for the smart
phone i was rather interested to see how things work.

But i didnt like the way he said abt OS development. He said it is as
easy as 5 steps..
A true technical student should try to learn how things work, rather
making it work, by some means. If he told us how that code is
integrated or somehting of that sort, i woudl be happy.. anyway with
very little knowledge abt the embedded things i wasnt in a position to
raise issues there!

Result of the session
–> i downloaded both the VC# express and windows ce trial version
i wasnt sure abt the trial period for CE.. anyway let me try it out later
and regarding vc# express, i didnt install becas i didnt have SP! in my xp box.