First i should say that i was annoyed seeing the irritating graphics that i saw during my installation, after which i continued my installation in text mode ( as per my friend’s advice) and finally got the thigns working fine.. i was thinking that graphics wont load properly, but i was wrong, it was awsome to see it load.

Second thing to note is that my monitor got a high resolution compatibility 🙂
I got 1152 @ 24 bit pix working, which i wasnt able to do in Angel’a monitor (LG!)

Happy to see, that my mp3s working right away…
and conencted to net very easily..

but no online update ( i dont know) so jus chking all my cds and rpms..
Nice interface and kool menus 🙂 i like that way- sounds similar to mandrake 9.1, but mandrake 10 was slow and slow, but this suse is fast and i get things working very easily 😀

But konqueror is old one.. so i wasnt able to chk gmail, when i started to downloaded, i was getting frm the first mail.. huh… bad, so i jus thought i could install firefox, i got some error “QT.. not able to display..” something, i wasnt in the mood to google, so jus stopped it. Kopete was also not connecting. So i downloaded the latest version of it 🙂 lets see…..