Atlast i rather start looking deep into the freedom ideologies preached by RMS

When i heard this speech , an year back when i got the video in LFY cd, i was not much aware and didnt find it much intresting, since i felt that it is really ideological, like joe thought abt the verse ‘ideology’ in my mail…i thought this one need to be shelved, but nothing stopped me from broadcasting this video to my so called ‘friends’ who gave a glare and asked me to stop the video after jus few mins of talk….. I dont know why i was irritated @ that time.. I let them leave and thought that , its their ‘freedom’ to hear the talk or leave..

Some thing struck me @ that time, for which iam yet to find the answer. I asked my sister, abt her view , since i took her with me to VIT for the same RMS speech. She quoted ” It depends on the perspective one views it..”, may be she would have been right..

And, does freeing a code of a software will create a better society, iam not sure.. it is really confusing..
so i tried to put the 4 freedom rules (0,1,2,3) how ami to call.. rules? Rules in freedom…??? or may be laws–
in my mail signature and jus gave few posts in LUGs and to my friends in other domains… to jus see their views..i was not ready for any flame war, since i was not much clear with the “freedom”, i jus need some supplementary views so that i could come to a conclusion.

The first to ask was none other than Sriram (CNUG)..
he was insisting a point that ” Freedom not to share..”
First i was confused, by this verse, then after reading the quote frm GPL frm Sriram, things were clear, but i dont figure out why some one would let others know that he has taken a code frm a GPL released software and release under proprietary condition. lol. may be he is doing something illegal, unethical, unsocial, watever may be, but who knows that he took a code frm that piece..??

I jus think i need a day’s time to jus read the entire GPL and other releated licences like CDDL, etc.. to come to a conclusion….and @ one quote, RMS was mentioning of helping neighbours , i dont know who is caring in India, or atleast in Madurai or Coimbatore ( jus these places since iam seeing wat happens here..) about these licence issues of MS and other companies..Iam talking about home users, leave all corporates, they got dollars to invest on any software they need.

One BE student , goes to his friend, asks for a Windows Xp cd, gets it, gets the service pack, loads it, jus as easy as getting water frm waterbottle with a small plastic seal…, MS can never find it, until he connects to net, which many of the home pc users rarely do, ( they are concerned with tel bills, most of my friends use net in college or in cafe )

RMS told that MS people collect personal details frm the user, iam not sure , so no comments on this.

RMS can say linux is more stable etc.. but he not talking this in technical point, and my friends gave a blank stare @ me when he started to speak abt the threat to ‘freedom’, fine everythign is ok.

Conclusion : Archu will release a code of somethign ( which i may write or may not write ! ) and help community and neighbours, and one personal note to all who read this, dont sue me :-S,for talking bad abt RMS / patents / MS πŸ™‚
I talk watever i like.. this is my ‘freedom’ and i think it is fine, until Iam talking somethign wrong..and until it affects ur freedom.

Same way , I say, that || Freedom is fine, unless misused ||, how simple πŸ™‚

Never mind.. no comments until i figure out everythign about these patents, licences etc..