Yesterday had the dotnet meet in the college, thanks to Arthi + Aarthi for making this possible, Arthi was making all efforts for this to happen. And nice to have Aarthi @ the scheduled time. Nice that i can help them for few hours n my rough un organised schedule..LOL….

Sriram (CNUG) asked me abt the meet and i exaplained abt the slides etc..

So, My journey to vellore is confirmed today.
I will leave to chennai tonight , jus went to railway station and got the thatkal ticket.. they are charging 150/- Rs extra.. hmmm.. wat to do.. i want to go, no other way.. So thats it, yet to take my things, jus a dress will do i think. Eager to see RMS @ Vellore. Informed Mani abt my plan, no news frm him, if i get his mail today i can meet him @ VIT, most of my VIT friends would be busy with the organising committee.. like Ankit etc.. most of them are into presentations. Iam jus going to watch the event for sunday, i still didnt get the return ticket, let me see somethign can be done i hope..

Washed all the clothes, that i dumped for a week frm appa’s departure to bombay. Jus everythign is over. i plan to sleep now and wash myself by evening and leave to the railway station… Let me see how things are turning out..