Jus having a nice time with all those forums.. become an active member , posting lot of stuffs in most of the forums.. things are gr8 @ my end..

This month tech_here group is bustling with activity..kool!! ususally i would be the one who is posting the messages.. ut now i get replies and lot more nice i learnt a lot this month. I think its a good approach to learn, instead of starting a specific group for specific technology..

Review 2 went on well. i think we are the only one batch with jus 12 slides and finished the presentation by 10 mins, not much questions.. things were moving in our way. Iam confused only with the frameformat and the strategies to implement ALF.. tuff work ahead. Jus figuered out a simple interface in VC# and wil continue after wednesday.. till then .. proposed to rest and learn things. Ambika didnt do well.. i dont know why, i think she was afraid of the talking since she need to start, Angel did well, Nandini as usual jus told wat was in the slide.. huh.. leave it. If they dont tell, they will loose. Never mind. I did well, that was satisfactory.