Really much similar to Java programmers like me..
Went to College to show the review to maam, but i forgot to ask many doubts that i prepared before.. Need to ask it atleast after the review. Jus started to program, its quite easy i suppose. Hope we complete the project atleast to some extent, I need to know some one near me to help me out with basics in socket programming.
Came home by 11:30, got the cover to send courier to Mani, and had a heavy lunch and slept and got by 7, called Angel, told wat maam told.. Now I think after few Mins i will start with code thing.

About the accident———- saw it live when i was standing in the thudiyalur bus stop, sccoty pep was coming at very high speed, with 3 people ( not sure whether it is 2 or 3) they were returning with some dosa parcel from some hotel. Scooty Skid and one frm the vehicle fell down in the floor uncausious. Then there was a big crowd, and ofcourse the traffic police there came, i missed 3 busses to see wat was actually happening. They didnt take them to hospital nor he turned concious, i was worrying a bit. Since the crowd began to increase and sun began to tease me, i took a bus to saibaba kovil.

In the bus Savitha was asking me abt ID card, but I was thinking about the accident..