Iam not going to do a much bigger comparison
i saw these 2 links

MSDN blog

i didnt get any of the message box from firefox till now
but sometimes i used to get blank messages, anyway it requires the option “download from trusted websites enabled” ok never mind.. firefox has always helped me with my browsing.

But as a practical user i see i dont get the editor tools ( yahoo mail, rediffmail – address insertetc..)
i dont know the reason & i dont know which addin i should add.

the next one
this sounds better with less tech details , which new users like me would understand.

quote–>”Other tech sites will bore you with in-depth “technical details” and performance specs in their product analysis………” goes on this way..

but it sounded really funny to see this conparision with ‘coin flap’
kool here is the result

Coin Flip – Best of 7

The coin flip was conducted using a 2000 Sacajawea dollar.Internet Explorer

FirefoxInternet Explorer – Heads

Firefox – Tails

Results: H-T-T-T-T-H-T

Advantage – Firefox

It really sounded funny to me!!! hehhehe