Those who had nausea/jaundice/ some sort of gastro intestinal disorder would know how bad i felt for the past one week, thanks to Mr.Syrup, it helped me to type this, 🙂 now far more better than wat i was few days back, Nimulid has once again prooved to be a disaster in my physical life. huh leave all those, project is taking a better turn, yesterday i came to know about RFP from Karthick, but iam confused when he was talking about the TCP libraries in .net, bit confusing, need to do some more study for making this one clear.

After a long time i went to college, not much long though, a week i should say, returning to normal life is a gift i feel now. Yesterday set up linux (fc1) and its running pretty well, but need to tune my firefox which is not integrated with KDE, thanks to Rahul for submitting a bug report on my behalf.