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Jus having a nice time with all those forums.. become an active member , posting lot of stuffs in most of the forums.. things are gr8 @ my end..

This month tech_here group is bustling with activity..kool!! ususally i would be the one who is posting the messages.. ut now i get replies and lot more nice i learnt a lot this month. I think its a good approach to learn, instead of starting a specific group for specific technology..

Review 2 went on well. i think we are the only one batch with jus 12 slides and finished the presentation by 10 mins, not much questions.. things were moving in our way. Iam confused only with the frameformat and the strategies to implement ALF.. tuff work ahead. Jus figuered out a simple interface in VC# and wil continue after wednesday.. till then .. proposed to rest and learn things. Ambika didnt do well.. i dont know why, i think she was afraid of the talking since she need to start, Angel did well, Nandini as usual jus told wat was in the slide.. huh.. leave it. If they dont tell, they will loose. Never mind. I did well, that was satisfactory.


C# Programming || College || Accident

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Really much similar to Java programmers like me..
Went to College to show the review to maam, but i forgot to ask many doubts that i prepared before.. Need to ask it atleast after the review. Jus started to program, its quite easy i suppose. Hope we complete the project atleast to some extent, I need to know some one near me to help me out with basics in socket programming.
Came home by 11:30, got the cover to send courier to Mani, and had a heavy lunch and slept and got by 7, called Angel, told wat maam told.. Now I think after few Mins i will start with code thing.

About the accident———- saw it live when i was standing in the thudiyalur bus stop, sccoty pep was coming at very high speed, with 3 people ( not sure whether it is 2 or 3) they were returning with some dosa parcel from some hotel. Scooty Skid and one frm the vehicle fell down in the floor uncausious. Then there was a big crowd, and ofcourse the traffic police there came, i missed 3 busses to see wat was actually happening. They didnt take them to hospital nor he turned concious, i was worrying a bit. Since the crowd began to increase and sun began to tease me, i took a bus to saibaba kovil.

In the bus Savitha was asking me abt ID card, but I was thinking about the accident..

Firefox Vs IE

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Iam not going to do a much bigger comparison
i saw these 2 links

MSDN blog

i didnt get any of the message box from firefox till now
but sometimes i used to get blank messages, anyway it requires the option “download from trusted websites enabled” ok never mind.. firefox has always helped me with my browsing.

But as a practical user i see i dont get the editor tools ( yahoo mail, rediffmail – address insertetc..)
i dont know the reason & i dont know which addin i should add.

the next one
this sounds better with less tech details , which new users like me would understand.

quote–>”Other tech sites will bore you with in-depth “technical details” and performance specs in their product analysis………” goes on this way..

but it sounded really funny to see this conparision with ‘coin flap’
kool here is the result

Coin Flip – Best of 7

The coin flip was conducted using a 2000 Sacajawea dollar.Internet Explorer

FirefoxInternet Explorer – Heads

Firefox – Tails

Results: H-T-T-T-T-H-T

Advantage – Firefox

It really sounded funny to me!!! hehhehe

Need a Month’s Time

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I need a month’s time to get myself thorough with all the stuff that
iam talking n Linux
i jus think my may leave would be helpful
since now i got to learn and do this project
ofcourse i will become a jack of .net n/w prog in few days and need to
learn these stuff which has caught my interest long back

–> learn Lisp
–> Master Emacs & Bash commands manual
–> Implement my project n dotgnu/mono
–> try opensource audio formats (thanks to ILugc mail list)
–> complete my 2nd paper to become an OCA
–> learn python

thats it as for now
need to have some hands on experience in networking too ( practically
very weak in handling practical problems!!!!! )


Network Programming || Linux || MP3s

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Sure this is going to sound much more technical
I missed the KLUG meet that Arvind arranged and after lot of plans for going there i didnt go, becas need to meet the proj guide and friends to finalise the ppt,

All came home and as usual i contributed the most. Its helpful but hurts when iam blamed irrationally.

Network programming is kool
now got the gcc in linux, need to try out some simple c programs, learning .net network programming (wrox book) too.. things are interesting..

My Proj site is up and running!
Kewl i got all the docs under one roof, thanks for geocities and to have made this possible, ofcourse a self pat to me too.. no one in my batch sugested this one..

Running fc 1 without shutting down for the past 2 days and no crash
win xp wont crash ( theoretically) but will be slow and irritate me in opening explorer, faced this lot of time and rebooted without any patience, but proj is to be done there, so jus enjoying linux for few days (learnign days..)

Mp3s playing round o clock in my room, ofcourse tomoro power shut down @ my place so need to stop everythign and go to college show the ppt and return back. Angel will leave to her place, lets see wat she had learnt these days, , waiting to see after she returns back (she promised to learn 110 pages!!) let me test her when she is back!

Confirmed things with Arthi, dot net meet would be fine i think
Need to look for paper for Arthi and mailed few links to Ancy, dono whether it would be of use, i dont have time thats wat stopping me..

Thats it for now, need to continue n/w programming in .net wrox from page 15.

Yahoo Pops

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i Knew abt the Yahoo pops thing frm KS long back, to be exact an yr ago..
now i got the actual working of it from Paramaguru, who joined Tech_here
recently. Its easy and here is the extract from his post…

How it has been done :

Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at o­ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo.Thanks Paramaguru for posting this info…:)

My Mp3s Rocking…

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Got the MP3 working
all the plugin mania.
and xmms is now playing
disabled the placeholder plugin and installed the plugin that i had in my dump ( thank god i bakced it up)
i was searching the xmms site and didnt get a single clue wat to do, except installing the entire package.

Now playing songs 🙂

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