Desktop search tools are out, to be specific abt the released beta versions of msn and google.

Google’s desktop/web search was always my fav πŸ˜‰

But now MSN has become my fav,

kool one really the features that i liked are,
–> small pop up windows that searhes as we type
–> lay out in IE was awsome
–> i really loved , when i saw it in my taskbar πŸ˜€

ofcourse there are also few loopbacks that irritated me,
–> indexing all my files really took abt 3 hrs, huh, i hated it
–> it had no option for searching mails in thunderbird, provided only for the outlook
–> it comes integrated with MSN toolbar, they call it toolbar suite, i hate it, google performs well as toolbar, anyway i dont use either, since i use firefox, integrated google search and pop up blocker, firefox needs some more to catch up with IE..

But i liked it , MSN is coming back, why not it get back its position in search, iam still using google for the web search. Hope MS people do something to revert back.

Iam rather waiting for Yahoo and Ask jeeves, interesting to see one beating the other, awsome competition, we are benifitted, and all these tools are for free πŸ˜‰