I really feel that this is going to lead to better productive software world, the result of reading chip, digit, hindu, and webnews, i figured out, how well integrated IT field is.

I read,

–> CTS using IBM Rational Suite for Development
–> IBM recommends use of windows xp prof for business
–> Samsung recommends use of windows xp prof

they are few that i remember now
I feel it is healthy to have such support and integration.
Ofcourse, they would have had some contract or binding, but it is always better to work together to reap more and share the joy of success.

Correcting this post :

Thanks to Rahul for letting me know abt OEM
As he said, if we need a OEM copy of windows from MS we need to sign a set of agreement rules..
OEM == Orginal equipment manufactorer
Interesting to know abt this, thanks to rahul 🙂