This is wat i did today, saw 2 movies, i got frm web, jus soem 50+ mbs download in wmv format, i didnt mind spending 100 rs for 2 movies. But the clarity i can say is crap, jus crap, i feel the presence of LOSSY COMPRESSION. Thats it, then prepared noodles, not a big task though, but a cutting edge in my kitchen.

Then sat down to lean MSF and figured out nothing other than the same waterfall and spiral. The objectives are given in reality terms, which i need to technicalise to get into the concept. Materialised nothing regarding the project doc, called Angel terrorised her for this and then completed the rest of the movies.

To say abt movies, Manmadhan was fine and Attagasam hilarious, hope i see them in good quality soon. Reg Proj Doc, not yet completed, thats the end of the story..