When i was trying to convert my pdf resume to word, i found a thing thats interesting, how could it be if we would like to view the structure of the pdf file and its internal looks.

So i jus browsed thru, google couldnt give me much except 2 actually related links.
i found the software pdf explore
it was kool to note abt the relation of pdf files with XML, though i still didnt go much deeper into xml, though iam learning for more than 1 yr, i never concentrated, but now i feel i should have done it b4.

This s/w is actually a plugin for Acrobat Reader.
then i jus thought to know wats the pdf b4 xml?
in acro reader 4.0 pdf and xml started their combined journey.
b4 that iam too curious, but i dont find front page links regarding it.
Its rather interesting Article i found made me to write this, in planetpdf.com
There are lot to know, iam not even in the track 😀