Nowadays, i get the things bit clear.

I was leaning towards windows during my schooling , learning vb stuff, then towards Linux, last 2 yrs, all i did was trying to figure out the distro that would suit me, finally after that i got no space in HDD :-D.. messed up with partions, config files…. life went on that way..

Finally i stopped for a moment and thought why not master something, rather learnign all and having a crap record. So here iam starting with .net and thigns regarding c#, iam doign this so that i could finish my final yr prj, which is also MSP, without any hassle…And ofcourse i always have had the pleasure of learning the better and best. It was long back when P.Sriram said abt .net in my class.. i jus ignored and was trying teh distros.. now he is trying distros and J2EE stuff and iam trying .net and c#, things turned upside down.

From the framework i learned today , i figured out that lot can be done with it, i remember the days when i was messing up with swing controls and looking into the package code and java groups .. huh, very bad time , but i should admit i learned a lot that time, all abt the java’s pros and cons and finally concluded swing == slow.
Today Iam trying to install, but things are not working out as i thought. i hope i return the cds soon to Aarthi. Shooted a mail, still didnt get a reply, may be she didnt chk her inbox.. Anyway hope that i install this and start with the code sooner, so that i can go on with my MSP things.