The meet started a bit late, by 10:45am, i suppose.
I was there early today with Angel and Arthi, so wats up was my view..

Then Arthi came and was messing up the laptop things…
hmm.. atlast started the event, intro to .net and intro to c# are the topics dealt by Aarthi. Was fine i should say, i was bit eager to see the c# code demo, but i wasnt able to see the things, since font was normal and highly glaring i should say. The concepts are bit clear for the intro session, and it went on well, then i didnt listen much of ASP.NET since i was having hctic time looking into the screen and lack of sleep the past night made me jus simply sit for the next few mins,

I felt bad when i didnt take my pen with me, as usual borrowed one frm the next chair and finished the feedback form and then talked with Aarthi abt the Student champ thing, i really dont know wat HOD will say, iam not sure, rather.

Atlast they showed LongHorn video , which Aarthi mentioned that she got frm her pal who went to abroad, where he shot it in handy cam, interesting things happen!!..

Finally i came home and tried the .net cd that Aarthi gave me, šŸ˜¦ its not working, mailed her the details, waiting for her response………………
Posted the summary of the grp events in the grp šŸ˜‰