Got the MS newsletter and the first review wil be the internal one and the second one will be on feb. intenal review details will be given in the web by nov 15 as per the newsletter, so neednt hurry with it now. The mentor should be consulted with the internal review form and it must be submitted by dec 31. will do it in sem hols, got some solid 10 days time. Neednt do in hurry but much be consulted with the mentor this thing as soon as i get the details frm MS site. Regarding the rejection, there wont be any rejection as stated in the MS site, so suppose if we do well, we can showcase our project in a big banner MS..

Need to talk abt this more and learn more, i think better i start with c# after this testing is documented, and the funny thing is i have not yet started with my sem preparations.. 😀 hheheheh