I have learnt last sem that TCP is the most reliable of protocols, then i dont get the concept of placing the most important SNMP over UDP
Jus now completed learning the SNMP architechture and message transfer and dono why this is placed over the unreliable UDP. They say its becas of the simplicity, but is simplicity a matter of consideration in network management? I saw this word Simplicity more than 3 or 4 times in object type specification too. So SNMP which enables the network to be managed more efficiently is over the UDP. And they provide proxies for enabling the other protocol based applicatiosn to interact with SNMP.

This personally gives a boost to my project ITP, and hope this can be stated as point when they ask abt the inefficiency of UDP. I cant understand the time delay that may be occuring over here in UDP, and how they manage the inconsistency over here.. Matter of some book reading and geeky thinking required at this Juncture 😀

hmm SNMP comes under 3 RFCs
1=> 1155
2=> 1213 -> (MIB – II)
3=> 1157