DR who mailed me abt this didnt turn up to my 3rd mail after i said this is my paper and no my project, I dono why people ( prof and high tech ppl) dont give much importance when i say its the paper and not my project 😦 they jus ignore and stop guiding. I jus struck with a better idea in iris recog system, which works with scenario like this,
it jus accepts the iris as image and compares with the exisiting irises in the DB provided using the software. I thought of getting the iris patterns of both the eyes and doing a XOR on the pattern and compare so that it can be more efficient. I asked to the DR who introduced it in India reg this, he didnt reply, s i really dono whether there is any existing system for this or this is a new idea, or anyother sort of comment 😦

I was really sad this paper was not selected in the DUOFET 04 in PEC chennai, though i dont want to pressurise my friends to select it, i cant get the idea behind the rejection. may be they needed more tech papers huh..