So wat do these GNU peope doing..?
heheh iam one of them singing OSS song for ever..
hmm but wats this the MS people are getting more Indian studets under their grab .. thru various scholarship progs etc.. yeah Stud champs really feel they are in a way honoured.
Iam no way related to both MS and OSS. I jus use the software that gives more to me. More can mean,==> satisfaction, ease of use, ease in deployment, security, etc… I use both OSS and MS pdts, but i feel bad in using pirated MS pdts, but wat a silly poor college stud can do ??

MS people should think of giving atleast students the previlage of using the s/w , hope this comes in to real time impl soon..
Got many more tech blogs out there in many a sites, this sounds kool, so starting my turn over again.
Jus started to learn C#, dono where iam goign to end .. heehhe registerd linux user too, riding on 2 horses, with difference in various aspects, being a member of LUGs and NUGs.. i dont really conclude my destination…