Sunday || Annapoorna || Dot Net

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This is Sunday,.. afterall the sleeping day. Appa came yesterday night, had some midnight conf and slept late , and this cold irritates me more than anythign.. Sent the Proj doc and it is relieving me frm a big burden which Martin, Aravinth and others are facing..

So got up by noon, had some thing, then slept and then got up and had nice shower in hotwater, thanks to amma… it was awsome for my running nose, now i think i may get some sore throat 😦

Annapoorna was fine, had 3 items there , masal dosai is the one that rock there, hotel was deserted i should say, all were upest with the earthquake things .. sad things always happen to mean people..

Now started the Platt thing, he is a good essayist, no code and all concepts, i need patience to complete that book, but its informative!


Reply from RFC editor

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Finally he replied my mail 😀
but the response was like a negative one.
he said that i cannot write an RFC, i really dont know how hard is writing RFC. Anyway need to discuss with maam for further things.

So reading .net to figure out how to start the project.

Download Linspire for free(LEGAL)

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Got it frm Sashidhar..
msged me reg the Linspire download.
Sounds nice, i will do it next month or so.

this is the post sutified frm him 😉

1.) Add Linspire to your shopping cart.
2.) On that page, simply click the Apply Coupon button.
3.) When asked, enter the following coupon code: LINDOWS
4.) Then click the Update button. This will apply a $49.95 discount.
5.) Then click the Update button.
6.) Next, simply check out!
7.) Once you’ve completed checking out, go to your “My Products” in My.Linspire”
and then goto “CD Downloads” ,then download the ISO file and burn it and install it..

Proj Doc || Vishwa Thulasi

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Proj doc i figured out wat to write and how to write..
i noted down all the papers and all the MSF things. Got those white papers, it seems simple, dont know wat would be the final result, need to consult with friends.

Vishwa Thulasi, awsome movie, decent love story, but sad ending, no unnecessay dialogs, … the small song snippets throughout the movie is really fantastic, i enjoyed them.. mammoty and nandita das looking gr8 in the movie in ‘Sunderapuri’, thanks to Sumathy Ram 😀

Corporations Support each other

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I really feel that this is going to lead to better productive software world, the result of reading chip, digit, hindu, and webnews, i figured out, how well integrated IT field is.

I read,

–> CTS using IBM Rational Suite for Development
–> IBM recommends use of windows xp prof for business
–> Samsung recommends use of windows xp prof

they are few that i remember now
I feel it is healthy to have such support and integration.
Ofcourse, they would have had some contract or binding, but it is always better to work together to reap more and share the joy of success.

Correcting this post :

Thanks to Rahul for letting me know abt OEM
As he said, if we need a OEM copy of windows from MS we need to sign a set of agreement rules..
OEM == Orginal equipment manufactorer
Interesting to know abt this, thanks to rahul 🙂

Desktop Search, one leading the other..


Desktop search tools are out, to be specific abt the released beta versions of msn and google.

Google’s desktop/web search was always my fav 😉

But now MSN has become my fav,

kool one really the features that i liked are,
–> small pop up windows that searhes as we type
–> lay out in IE was awsome
–> i really loved , when i saw it in my taskbar 😀

ofcourse there are also few loopbacks that irritated me,
–> indexing all my files really took abt 3 hrs, huh, i hated it
–> it had no option for searching mails in thunderbird, provided only for the outlook
–> it comes integrated with MSN toolbar, they call it toolbar suite, i hate it, google performs well as toolbar, anyway i dont use either, since i use firefox, integrated google search and pop up blocker, firefox needs some more to catch up with IE..

But i liked it , MSN is coming back, why not it get back its position in search, iam still using google for the web search. Hope MS people do something to revert back.

Iam rather waiting for Yahoo and Ask jeeves, interesting to see one beating the other, awsome competition, we are benifitted, and all these tools are for free 😉

Project Doc || Manmadhan , Attagasam || Noodles..

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This is wat i did today, saw 2 movies, i got frm web, jus soem 50+ mbs download in wmv format, i didnt mind spending 100 rs for 2 movies. But the clarity i can say is crap, jus crap, i feel the presence of LOSSY COMPRESSION. Thats it, then prepared noodles, not a big task though, but a cutting edge in my kitchen.

Then sat down to lean MSF and figured out nothing other than the same waterfall and spiral. The objectives are given in reality terms, which i need to technicalise to get into the concept. Materialised nothing regarding the project doc, called Angel terrorised her for this and then completed the rest of the movies.

To say abt movies, Manmadhan was fine and Attagasam hilarious, hope i see them in good quality soon. Reg Proj Doc, not yet completed, thats the end of the story..

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