I was informed abt this sad news from sunita, by 4:45pm yesterday
Was rather Shocked… I realy dont know how to react..
Though Sangeetha is not my best friend, i like for her practical and sincere approach, which many times i dont have. Called Nandini and Angel after that, but Nandini was not at her home, so i asked Angel to come to the koil stop in auto. and we went to Sangeetha’s home after enquiring the location from Ambika’s mother, who was present there. Father passed away becas of the famous Heart Attack!!

I dont understand why people die with this thing so often..
Somethign must be done..( i cant do it, becas iam a poor follower of doc’s rules…)
We saw her fully depressed and it was very bad.. i felt really sorry for the event, his age was around 48 i heard from people over there say this. Afterall we can blame none regarding this..Thats wat we can call Fate