Dont have the habbit of reading thrillers, especillay those haunting hundred page novels.. but this sounded very cryptic ( cryptographic 😀 ) so jus thought to give it a try, …

So my try succeeded..
Its really a kool cryptographic piece tied with da vinci’s cryptographic message passing system, thru his last supper, monalisa 🙂
Sophie and Long’s chars were portrayed better and the novel moves with twists and tricks, many of which i couldnt guess ( as this is my first thriller..) and the most intereting thing is i didnt complete it, since i got only ebook to read— its taking time, as iam into headache with constant scrolling of pages. May be i would get a copy and complete it. its really taking time to read in my computer with a sitting posture especially.. this novel says that women were being suppressed by christianity ( catholic) and since i dont know much orthodox words in christianity i need some one to decipher it for me

Its a great novel, and Dan Brown.. gave a mater cryptic work..
collected his other 3 works too, will make a point to read them when i can get the hard copy.. my main kampf is jus goign good too, …