Env Was Horrible

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Though i studied with angel, the exam was horrible..
She came yesterday, and i prepared not that bad.. i left only an unit and later read that too b4 exam. But the exam was really horrible. I will jus pass i think, not sure. Many say it is easy.. hmm need to wait to complete all the papers. Saw Sangeetha today, wasn’ able to speak since i saw her frm ground floor. Anyway she would be better i think.

It was hilarious that we kept bet on her. I was asked to talk to her and if i did Angel said she would give something, b4 we finalise the bet she went asusual she is in another bus and i went in F bus.


Sangeetha’s Father Passed Away..

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I was informed abt this sad news from sunita, by 4:45pm yesterday
Was rather Shocked… I realy dont know how to react..
Though Sangeetha is not my best friend, i like for her practical and sincere approach, which many times i dont have. Called Nandini and Angel after that, but Nandini was not at her home, so i asked Angel to come to the koil stop in auto. and we went to Sangeetha’s home after enquiring the location from Ambika’s mother, who was present there. Father passed away becas of the famous Heart Attack!!

I dont understand why people die with this thing so often..
Somethign must be done..( i cant do it, becas iam a poor follower of doc’s rules…)
We saw her fully depressed and it was very bad.. i felt really sorry for the event, his age was around 48 i heard from people over there say this. Afterall we can blame none regarding this..Thats wat we can call Fate

Ethics Exam … Big Bore..

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huh.. after all the highly estimated semester exams have started..
the first one is ‘Professional Ethics’ not bit boring but highly boring to write.. we need lot more patience to sit for 3 hrs and complete this paper.. as it says @ some page..
q: Why we should study ethics?
a: TO develop tolerance..

Yes i have developed much more .. hence i was able to sit and complete the exam.. its really an achievement.
Heard abt the Redirection site.
Kool one will host the site sooner or later there..
Thanks to Rajesh.

Arrest of Kanchi Chief!

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Bit surprising though..
got lot to share in this regard..
its better to starts a new blog so that the space here is not wasted..
To know my thoughts and actual drama, can click here
Need to leave now , so that i can fill my exam sheets with some relevant topics 😀 heheheh

Study Hols Realy Waste!!

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Thats for sure that every single College student would know wat they do in this study hols, its very rare that they say that they prepared for the sem exam, same is the case with me, trying to learn, sleeping , somputer, Tv, then trying to learn, sleeping.. the cycle goes on…

The marks that we get rather are mostly due to the turbulence that we create the day b4 the exam, we get to know that we should have learnt n the hols ( study hols..) but we never do it the next time. LoL thats the case.. and it goes on and on…

Responsibilities ? :)

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I feel the responsibility when i tried to test the batch renamer utility over there in sf.net.
Atlast completed da vinci code, much more was wat i predicted earlier ( hehhe).. after completing which i chked my mail and i saw the MS newsletter over there, review will be the internal review and the external review will be on feb, need to complete 30% of the proj by dec.

Da Vinci Code

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Dont have the habbit of reading thrillers, especillay those haunting hundred page novels.. but this sounded very cryptic ( cryptographic 😀 ) so jus thought to give it a try, …

So my try succeeded..
Its really a kool cryptographic piece tied with da vinci’s cryptographic message passing system, thru his last supper, monalisa 🙂
Sophie and Long’s chars were portrayed better and the novel moves with twists and tricks, many of which i couldnt guess ( as this is my first thriller..) and the most intereting thing is i didnt complete it, since i got only ebook to read— its taking time, as iam into headache with constant scrolling of pages. May be i would get a copy and complete it. its really taking time to read in my computer with a sitting posture especially.. this novel says that women were being suppressed by christianity ( catholic) and since i dont know much orthodox words in christianity i need some one to decipher it for me

Its a great novel, and Dan Brown.. gave a mater cryptic work..
collected his other 3 works too, will make a point to read them when i can get the hard copy.. my main kampf is jus goign good too, …