My trip to chennai was always in a hurry, this time, though i took angel with me, there was no leisure and always in a hurry to complete the scheduled things.

The thing that satisfied me , was i took angel to a church, nothign else, and the symposium, for which this plan was jotted down, was fine and not good. College was great and students were cheap..
saw janani there and no other known face thereafter.

paper was not selected and other things were fine..
study hols are on the way, and not yet started the preparation.
my mini porj is to be completed and only the formatting module is there, and abt the angel’s proj, dono wat iam goign to do, since she is also leaving and no one here…. its a big boredom, and, iam jus trying to learn.. but things are not goign to head as easy as i thought.

Need to put on more efforts. Feeling sleepy always.
need to take a nap and get up and have a coffee and learn.. boring.

Microsoft review is also postponed it seems, martin told me yesterday night and i think i can do something better if they have it after the exams.