I never knew that my project would be approved by Micrsoft’s student project program.. After getting the approval from MS people , i was turning a bit serious about .net and c#. Though i don’t feel shy in telling am an incomplete learner in every field, i just try to learn something and drop it in half way..

It was true with c, java, c++, sql, pl/sql, linux.. etc..
now i have turned towards dot net framework , since the ms people laid a condition that my proj must be in dot net framework, so tying to figure out where to start and how to start..

registered myself in few forums

and bookmarked some tutor sites, may be i could go through them, when i feel boring to learn for sem 😛
If get poor marks this sem, i know i will be kicked off by everyone 🙂
Would be nice if some one helps me and learns with me c# and dot net things, thought iam not much interested in vb.net.. many reviews are for vb.net and heard c# will be similar to java, getting more curious.. need to wait and see till i get my .net cd from uthra 🙂

sending her tomcat and eclipse, and expecting my .net cd from her.
kool, spent the entire day in net and evening power was out and good rain.. no lunch and feel better, at-least i should start with my n/w security paper, else iam sure to fail in sem 🙂