Home Alone..

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Was alone this weekend, jus was hanging with my box..
loaded rh 9.0 and it is fine and iam typing this frm there..
kool OS is nothing else bu LINUX, we got every control to our system, no backdoors 😀 hmm… jus spent few hours in this config things. got my mp3 working and bsnl dias too is fine with the preinstalled pppoe package over here, jus updates glib. Going to get the java programs goign frm now on.. jus need to learn EJB basics, before that i will prepare for the sem lab,

if (computer==companion)
System.out.println(“Enjoyment Unlimited”);

Kool Code 😀


Veerappan Vs VijayKumar

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So It has happened at last,
the smuggling story end out and kudos to vijay kumar the leader of STF

dono much abt the money plays involved during various kidnaps, but for that this is a pleasant news i got in the morning… Unwanted publicity was being gained using him, and that was stopped now with a simple flash news, but wat to do.. jaya tv news was a same scratched tape that read abt J’s intelligence ( not vijay kumar’s) and in Sun Tv as usual they read the news as Violation of Human Rights.. kool
Whatever may change, these politicias never even try to change them, heheh, and helping people like me to comment on them…

Now I got it working

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Jus repositioned my script its working yahoooooooooooooooo 😛
Its working :))
Lot more happy today since my simple mail client that iam developing in java swing+ mail API succeded ( simple one … 🙂 and was releived from bugs over there and ahd a nice sleep, going to see irobot now..

What else do i need in this happy life, except to have my programs work for me 🙂

huh, map tag grrrrrrrrr

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Everything is set up right now, except the map tag that many asked me to put up in the group photo….huh……….
entire night sleep is wasted, till got a java script ( frm web) for that, and everythign is finished.. but couldnt bring that over here..
for people who wish to see my work, can click here

Going to sleep, now time is 4:40 am huh……..
waste of time, wasting time during sem study hols, its a gr8 reward for me……….

C# and .net

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I never knew that my project would be approved by Micrsoft’s student project program.. After getting the approval from MS people , i was turning a bit serious about .net and c#. Though i don’t feel shy in telling am an incomplete learner in every field, i just try to learn something and drop it in half way..

It was true with c, java, c++, sql, pl/sql, linux.. etc..
now i have turned towards dot net framework , since the ms people laid a condition that my proj must be in dot net framework, so tying to figure out where to start and how to start..

registered myself in few forums

and bookmarked some tutor sites, may be i could go through them, when i feel boring to learn for sem 😛
If get poor marks this sem, i know i will be kicked off by everyone 🙂
Would be nice if some one helps me and learns with me c# and dot net things, thought iam not much interested in vb.net.. many reviews are for vb.net and heard c# will be similar to java, getting more curious.. need to wait and see till i get my .net cd from uthra 🙂

sending her tomcat and eclipse, and expecting my .net cd from her.
kool, spent the entire day in net and evening power was out and good rain.. no lunch and feel better, at-least i should start with my n/w security paper, else iam sure to fail in sem 🙂

Trip to chennai

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My trip to chennai was always in a hurry, this time, though i took angel with me, there was no leisure and always in a hurry to complete the scheduled things.

The thing that satisfied me , was i took angel to a church, nothign else, and the symposium, for which this plan was jotted down, was fine and not good. College was great and students were cheap..
saw janani there and no other known face thereafter.

paper was not selected and other things were fine..
study hols are on the way, and not yet started the preparation.
my mini porj is to be completed and only the formatting module is there, and abt the angel’s proj, dono wat iam goign to do, since she is also leaving and no one here…. its a big boredom, and, iam jus trying to learn.. but things are not goign to head as easy as i thought.

Need to put on more efforts. Feeling sleepy always.
need to take a nap and get up and have a coffee and learn.. boring.

Microsoft review is also postponed it seems, martin told me yesterday night and i think i can do something better if they have it after the exams.