Its after a long arguement i agreed to take up the ooty trip forced by angel and others,… fine it was rather very pleasant……. I mean both the place and the trip that we had…

OOTY reminds me Amudha and my friendship with her and how it hurt when we departed.. I know its very few ppl who repent on the past friendship.. me tht kind.. anyway OOTY was very good.. We went to Sim’s park first. Then we had our break fast and then we proceeded to take few pics, we had train etc.. playing round and round… it made me remember my hostel day and other school days where i had similar pleasant experiences.

Then it was bad time for few as Tamilarasi was not well, but unfortunately very few were behind her. Then we went to Pykara, thats where i was seeing the short tempered girl behind me.

Huh.. she spoke out and ran to front leaving me behind, hhehe i was the one who was certified as a “Good girl” from the other tour boys who were irritating us through the entire trip..

Anyway thats all we enjoyed and the thrill we had.. then the next was some hill, i was asked to climb and as everyone knew i couldnt lift my entire physiche but i was dragged to do so, then it started to rain. It was not a bad rain, it was like a cinema, the locations and everythign…. it was the most pleasant place.. very nice hill, we took 2 snaps over there and then all came down the hill running down.. but i fell down 3 times, the first one was the worst one since it spoiled my infy dress.. Heheheh

it was very interesting…

Then we ate few veg rolls and then we went to Boat house i was very tired of all these things and so i stayed in the bus with the ppl there, and Angel and others got the home made chocolates and as usual i didnt even take the purse out of the bag.. Its at the Boat House we had lunch, it was very good lunch.. thank god these girls prepared the lunch. If it was hotel then iam lost!

Then they took us to botanical garden, at this point of time iam fully exhausted and it was 4:30 pm so energy level is very very low.. So i preferred staying in bus commenting ppl. Then we started our return journey by 5:30 and by 8:30 we were dropped by thudialur.

Angel stayed that day here and we slept and never even opened our mouth to talk since we were like dead bodies with pending post mortem 😀

Hmm… thats wat the trip to ooty was all about, it made girls of final IT close than other trips that i attended. I dont know why nithya didnt come, anyway thats not my problem.