Why we are given Assignments?

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I really dont understand why we are given assignments? if its for learning then why we are asked to write them up, cant they ask us to learn them? couldnt figure the things out…


What u feel when the person u admire is sick..

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Its not the new thing that iam writing here, but its new in my life, yeah a her health is deteriorating and i felt very bad abt it.

Ya .. i know that she is ill for the past yr and thought that she is recovering and today she came to the college and she was a very sick and her face showed it. She came by car it seems.. i didnt talk to her in the class but made my mind to have a chat abt her health later on.. but my selfish brain forgot it, but saw her after the college is over and asked abt her health , i was terribly shocked to hear that both her kidneys were not functioning.. wats this couldnt beleive wat i heard. and i saw tears abt to come frm her eyes. she then diverted the topic and we started to talk abt the placement and other things abt me and other girls standing there.
Some times life is injust , i saw this when my counterparts were not placed. and iam seeing it again when the person i admire is sick…

My day thus ends in a heavy heart! 😦