So iam placed in the first company that visited our campus, things were on my way throughout 26th and 27th was MY DAY.. Angel was also placed, and ofcourse Amudha ( as everyone know!!!) , but Nandini and Ambi didnt get there, so were sad, hope they get in infy thats coming by sat..

jus planning things, and learning sql and pl/sql which would be my area where i would specialise, and trying to configure oracle in my mdk box.. turing out to be rather a NUT these days, dono why its so.. waiting to get oracle 10g..:D if any one have jus mail me ya plzzzzzzz
(asked my friend for it, though, i didnt get a reply from him)

and thesai placed in satyam, and bharath in wipro and viji in some company and mubin in cts..things are smooth over here……