Its highly disgusting to learn for aptitude, wat the hell is this , i never knew the answers in Sdevi book, or that of summers, agarwal was acceptable, but very few questions from there, iam jus going to take the tests as a trail only,.. huh wat to do , how could i learn those things 😦 no company here, may be after the college has reopened, we could get some idea abt things.

hmmm……and a good news i got in the TMS hub, is that Subramanian got the JASA paper and he will send in couple of days, hope he sends me early and i prepare that record for Uthra.

No mood to learn, yesterday saw Ayudha Ezhuthu, a good screenplay and choreography, nothing much, songs are good with the movie.. so got the books and went to hospital with amma and returned by 9 and was very tired that dont know the time i slept..

i want to finish the age problems atleast tonight so that i would have atleast gone thru 2 topics in agarwal..