What would i do in this world to get placed, hmm, ppl over here say that its necessary to get our resumes and prepare for all sorts of aptitude things.. huh when it comes to final year things get tighten up and we are rather uder high pressure to have things working in our favour, i jus dono wat would be my position but trying to get the best .. so i plan to get the apti books tommorrow in a near by shop, all my friends have been preparing for the past one week, hhehe iam always slow and lazy, today my sister called me and asked me to get the rs agarwal, though i said i would get back my copy from my friend..

Anyway its better to get it tommorrow, since its obvious that she too need to get it at one point so why not she have that and i get a new one.. this sounds better to me.

was learning the digital basics yeaterday couldnt continue after kmap, i got struck there..huh wats that i couldnt get the sums right, i think 90% were wrong, hmm…. tommorrow uthra got her DIP exam, i dono whether she is learning for that now or not, anyway i wish her to pass out with some good marks 😀

Prepared resumes for angel, ambika , nandini and ofcourse myself and mailed them to nithya.. and to logesh since he asked it.
going to have a good sleep now, since i got few preparations to be done tommorrow …….
tata byebye see ya..