ya its only 2 days since i got my GATE book, its like a dictionary and i dono how and where to start it 😦 i really dont know how to proceed, since i dont like coaching classes and all sort of those things, i thought of setting up to start out my preparations, hmm… dono how that would be when i write the exam by next feb, may be i would have managed to learn well those things..

Then i couldnt get the pl/sql book written by Scott Urman, its not in the AA Book shop i asked them to get that book for me, but iam sure that i wouldnt have time to complete it , since i need to prepare for placements too, meanwhile amma’s eyes aren’t doing well 😦

She got the things out of her range of vision, iam not at helpful to her in anyway but i couldnt do anything if i do anything then i become tired, i dono why this happens, anyway i like to help her, but unfortunatey i couldnt 😦 hope she is recovered at the earliest…