Kool… Iam into WIPRO

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So iam placed in the first company that visited our campus, things were on my way throughout 26th and 27th was MY DAY.. Angel was also placed, and ofcourse Amudha ( as everyone know!!!) , but Nandini and Ambi didnt get there, so were sad, hope they get in infy thats coming by sat..

jus planning things, and learning sql and pl/sql which would be my area where i would specialise, and trying to configure oracle in my mdk box.. turing out to be rather a NUT these days, dono why its so.. waiting to get oracle 10g..:D if any one have jus mail me ya plzzzzzzz
(asked my friend for it, though, i didnt get a reply from him)

and thesai placed in satyam, and bharath in wipro and viji in some company and mubin in cts..things are smooth over here……



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Its highly disgusting to learn for aptitude, wat the hell is this , i never knew the answers in Sdevi book, or that of summers, agarwal was acceptable, but very few questions from there, iam jus going to take the tests as a trail only,.. huh wat to do , how could i learn those things 😦 no company here, may be after the college has reopened, we could get some idea abt things.

hmmm……and a good news i got in the TMS hub, is that Subramanian got the JASA paper and he will send in couple of days, hope he sends me early and i prepare that record for Uthra.

No mood to learn, yesterday saw Ayudha Ezhuthu, a good screenplay and choreography, nothing much, songs are good with the movie.. so got the books and went to hospital with amma and returned by 9 and was very tired that dont know the time i slept..

i want to finish the age problems atleast tonight so that i would have atleast gone thru 2 topics in agarwal..

Aptitude tests and resumes!!!!!!!!!

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What would i do in this world to get placed, hmm, ppl over here say that its necessary to get our resumes and prepare for all sorts of aptitude things.. huh when it comes to final year things get tighten up and we are rather uder high pressure to have things working in our favour, i jus dono wat would be my position but trying to get the best .. so i plan to get the apti books tommorrow in a near by shop, all my friends have been preparing for the past one week, hhehe iam always slow and lazy, today my sister called me and asked me to get the rs agarwal, though i said i would get back my copy from my friend..

Anyway its better to get it tommorrow, since its obvious that she too need to get it at one point so why not she have that and i get a new one.. this sounds better to me.

was learning the digital basics yeaterday couldnt continue after kmap, i got struck there..huh wats that i couldnt get the sums right, i think 90% were wrong, hmm…. tommorrow uthra got her DIP exam, i dono whether she is learning for that now or not, anyway i wish her to pass out with some good marks 😀

Prepared resumes for angel, ambika , nandini and ofcourse myself and mailed them to nithya.. and to logesh since he asked it.
going to have a good sleep now, since i got few preparations to be done tommorrow …….
tata byebye see ya..

GATE Book….

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ya its only 2 days since i got my GATE book, its like a dictionary and i dono how and where to start it 😦 i really dont know how to proceed, since i dont like coaching classes and all sort of those things, i thought of setting up to start out my preparations, hmm… dono how that would be when i write the exam by next feb, may be i would have managed to learn well those things..

Then i couldnt get the pl/sql book written by Scott Urman, its not in the AA Book shop i asked them to get that book for me, but iam sure that i wouldnt have time to complete it , since i need to prepare for placements too, meanwhile amma’s eyes aren’t doing well 😦

She got the things out of her range of vision, iam not at helpful to her in anyway but i couldnt do anything if i do anything then i become tired, i dono why this happens, anyway i like to help her, but unfortunatey i couldnt 😦 hope she is recovered at the earliest…