Got a big wish list, dono wat if i dont get, but i would rather like it to be listed out here.. many are costly things that are my in wishes always, this one will always get updated πŸ˜€

kool, now lets get the things started..

1==> CDMA mobile phone
2==> Unlimited broadband internet conection
3==> DVD player
4==> Home Theater System
5==> DVD RW for my system.
6==> a personal TV
7==> a digital stereo for playing my cds with all woofer settings
8==> a watch on the xtees website, it costs around 240 rs πŸ˜€
9==> a book shelf to have my books safely
10==> Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler cost around 130 rs.
11==> A named T-Shirt
12==> a Fridge with tonnes of icecreames and cool drinks and cakes …
13==> a Toyota Car πŸ˜€ — this one is rather the costliest..
14==> a ftp server of my own, no hosting business and all
15==> A jean that would fit me , i dono whether this would happen even i have money ( iam that fat)
16==> A Scroll mouse from microsoft or logitech
17==> A machine that gives cutlet whenever i ask..
18==> Great posters all around my room.. πŸ˜€
19==> a perfect camera with a fine ZooM πŸ˜‰
20==> dvds list start here

Movies…and shows..

1==> Tom and Jerry (toon)
2==> Spiderman
3==> Popoye show (toon)
4==> Terminator 2 the judgement day
5==> The Mask
6==> The Mummy returns
7==> Miss.Congeniality
8==> Men In Black 1 and 2
9==> Run Away Bride
10==> AXN CSI series
11==> Richie Rich
12==> Van Helsing
13==> The Haunted
14==> Excorcist
15==> The Beautiful Mind
16==> Titanic
17==> Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
18==> Batman and Robin
19==> Tommorrow Never Dies
20==>Monalisa Smile
21==> Spykids (all the parts)
22==> Erin Brookwich
23==> Independence Day
24==> Jurracic Park ( the first ever movie i watched in theaters )
25==> Bullet proof monk
26==> Lara Croft – Tomb Raider
27==> Day After Tommorrow

May be i forgot some now, would get it in the near future..