Today slept the whole day asusual, so asusual my plans didnt go well, i planned to go to bookshop to get books, i dono whether they got the cert books or not, anyway its better to try than to be idle..

i slept, slept, and slept.. so atlast i woke up by 7 pm and took a fresh bath and then i went to the nearby bookshop with appa, they didnt even know the names of the book i asked for , after all they are common books.. anyway he tried to get the books from other shops, but at last everything was failure, so i changed my plan to get the books tommorrow morning in townhall itself…

After which we went to the anna poorna hotel, i had idli and dosai , appa had idlies and kichadi.. so we filled our stomach and hotel owner’s pocket with some bucks 😀

Then we got the saree from drycleaning, and appa paid the amount..
After crossing the road appa went to the medical shop to get few usual tabs, then we came to home and iam typing this just after entering home,
one thing in hotel was wiered today, we saw the big family dosai, it costs around 125rs the server who served us said this..

It was nice to hear uthra’s correspondent approved her decision for applying for Phd, kool news i got in mail to , i replied the mail and slept, meanwhile she called to appa said abt it..

Amma in trainging, hmm, i dono wat she would be doing, anyway wish to see her soon…