today just starred at my computer for few mins, and wished to replace it somewhere where the lighting is perfect.. so just i thought i could shift the monitor to another table..

after doing that, it was very bad to lok at the set up, that cpu cabinet, UPS are in a table , speakers some where , and monitor alone in another table, so both the tables are unusable 😦

Then i asked appa for a solution..
he said some but all seemed to arrage one by one like office setup, so i found my own way, took everything frm previous table, ie.. modem, cpu cabinet, mouse , keyboard and placed in the new location, where i want them to be present.

shit the UPS is still there sitting like a rabbit in the other big table,
oops, now only i found that there is no plug point out there, where the UPS could be shifted to give a better look 😦 ………huh wat could i do after recablibg everything :((… need to think, was sitting among that mess and thinking how could things be solved, appa came over and consoled me saying we could get a big extension wire so that we could fit it over, but i feared if it couldnt allow heavy load and burned, wat would happen, so we finished our break fast and went to the electronics shop to get the cable length increased

Yeah, hurray, we got the thing worked out 😀
the elctronics shop owner gave us another way to increase the cable length, he said he would attach a heavy duty thick wire to the existing computer junction box we had, kool , things started woking out, so i asked him to give me a extension of 3 metres so that i could fit, then i changed the mind and i asked for the extra one more metre, then he said he would give it by evening 6, we were back after going to LIC to pay the amount..

So, i was in home i cold resist sitting without usng computers 😦 iam rather adicted to it, so, wat could i do, i got few options, eat, sleep, or watch TV, ( i never learnt without my mp3s 😛 ) so i started to sleep … and it was by 7:30 i got up and my dad , got the ordered thing from the shop, so the work started again… i fixed with everything with dad’s help.. and i thought things are over huh, yeah finally everything is over…

Stil my room is a mess, i never liked to clean things and keep in right position, so i liked being that way.. “Kalainthirunthaal veedu , adukki irunthaal museaum ” 😛 i used this dialogue for excuses ;D

kool.. now everything is set right and the speakers are on top, lingering the duet song mettu podu, hearing after a long time..