I rather come to the conclusion that most of the ppl have seen this movie, i rather love it than anyother movie , i have ever seen, ( may be in the future things may change..) but iam sure of one thing that , always this is my favourite movie and it will stand in my heart..

iam rather sure of one thing that all nuts have some thing real and some thing that are not real to the world but are worthy to them, they may be illutions dreams, etc.. but i think thats the driving force each achiever got that makes him the best focussed one day.. ppl comment as nuts as they did the John Nash in the movie.. but they honour him one day and thats the day the others would never get in their entire lifetime.. for that day all nuts work work work and only work..

I see few similarities with him.. i try to make things my original ones, like Nash, but iam not as intelligent to succeed and not that much gifted, but i think iam rather the one who is making use of the given resources the most than anyof my counterparts. May be all are thinking like this, but the one scene i saw there, showed a slight resemblance, i rather scribble things in my table and nash does them on the window..

Kool, iam not a scientist like Nash, but iam rather an exceptional creature without any focus, many say that iam not focussed on a particular field to get into a good position, though i understand this i couldnt resist my thirst of lesarning watever i hear.. that impress me i try to know atleast the basics, so i dont have anything to put on my profile, i could say i know that i know this, but nothing seem to be vital for the ppl who see it, so that makes my mind a garbage..

I too got my own writeups and critics abt few technologies, but since i dont have a deep knowledge in things that form their basics i cant do anything with them , except keeping them in my dairy.. You may ask , how could i comment without knowing the basics, i dont have any answer for this, but i think some thing worthy is there in me that people dont understand, since i dont know any methos to say to them..i didnt publish any technical paper, any article i have never ever created a scientific model or even a small thesis……. but i wait for some day , which becomes a day by which i would have focussed and have a solid stuff that would rather be helpful to others.

Many may think its a bluff after seeing this movie, but i rather saw a exceptional charactor , not the Russel Crowe there. I know wat would be going on in plps mind after reading such things, they may think that iam in a sort of self pity.. some may think that iam boasting abt somehting that everyone has got..some may just think that iam in nuts ………really i dont have any answer that would satisfy them or even me, i just thought it that way , so wrote it here, so pl taking in serious sense please dont take it bad and jus think its a bluff and go on to some other interesting blog that you may like to read 🙂