Its not just the victory that could be seen after elections, the victory of democracy can also be seen here, i was fascinated by the graphics that was publiched today by The Hindu paper, i got up very late today , the first thing i saw was the “How India voted” article in Hindu daily. I think i waited such a long time only to make use of that graphic.

Fine this was that graphic i was really admiring ….
I know this wont be much clear … i just wanted to have it over here,
and iam rather interested to say a few words about what this graphic said to me… so the orange color is BJP and blue the congress, the red ones are for the Left ppl… šŸ˜€

Voting in India……

So wat could we say about the voting..
I was very much surprised to see the polling % all over India, the highest was, none other than the Nagaland with 91.7 %..
so we should look out the other side, the lowest % of polling was on Jammu and Kashmir with 35.2%..

I couldnt beleive the voting % i saw in the capital, it was only 47.1%…….. so wat are those citizens in the capital doing??
anyway leave all those controversies, the elections were over, for ppl who want to look at the enlarged picture of the above graphics i give them this link, the hindu graphic

The Political drama!

I was really surprised to see the news for the past 2 or 3 days , all the political actors were enacting their role … especially BJP ppl and their allies like RSS, Sang pariwar,and ofcourse Congress was not left behind , every one there had a chance..

Especially, ppl like Uma Bharati started with her resignation, i dont know now wats the position of her resignation.. fine, everyone got their innervoice and it was prooved by the Sonia’s statement the next day. I was eagerly awaiting to see the congress party meeting, but wat i saw was a kindergarden class, poorly managed .. i dont know what these ppl were doing there for few mins, my dad explained few things, still i couldnt get a real picture of what is goign on, and at one point i saw Mr.Manishankar Iyer talking.. i dont know how these ppl could say such illegitimate words like.. “I want to see Sushma swaraj with her head shaven..” it goes on, wat a nasty politics, wat ever may be the party, things were nasty and it was rather very unpleasant to see the world is watching such scenes.. It really made me feel deeply.

Party Jumpers like Renuka Choudary etc.. were crying about the Sonia’s political decision, iam sure TDP leader would be knowing the real face of such people..

I dont know wat the hell is going on..

Our PM Dr.Manmohan Singh…..

I have heard my dad talking about Mr.Singh when i was in school, he was the finance minister and a good man my dad used to say.. as for my openion is concerned,.. i never heard that there were any cases with respect to him, like our CM had.. It the respect and dignity my heart offers to him, i see him equal to that of our former PM MR.Atal, If it was sonia in his place, i dont know whether i would ahve supported this move, ie .. iam in the opposition groud, since i didnt see any sort of administrative capability in her and her reluctace to come tot India after her marriage, i dont know, how congress men made her as their chief.. Still i would appreciate her to have handed over the prestegious PM post to Mr.Singh to show his capability..

yeah things are fine till now and the statements made by Mr.Singh are similar to those of the previos politicians but i see a determination in his statements.. Lets wait and see, if there is some thing happens in our country that would make each of us proud..