Its rather irritating to have a kerchief in summer, yeah i got cold and thats the most disgusting thing i ever know in this world.. Iam not allowed to drink fruity thats in our fridge and i need to wait tilll everyone sleeps in the night.. so wat a bore life.. today i asked my mom for a cup of lemon juice and got few good words for not drinking honey ( to reduce weight..) i explained her that i couldnt get up so early by 9 and drink those fluids that she says.. finlally i won.. i got the lemon juice, but now i feel for that its rather gatting worse, which one, my cold only .. i dont know what sort of trouble i will face tonight, iam rather happy that i learnt few things in pointers .. i think tommorrow i may go to the book shop and get few books, ( for pl/sql and pointers in c) hope things are fine by tommorrow morning if i get up :-P…….

I was rather posting few things in the programmer heaven yesterday couldnt get all my doubts cleared.. hmm… need a c expert to be present beside me.. to make a better ‘C’ mind…hhhehe

Same song from New is goign on.. need to change the winamp, but iam rather adicted to writing,,..ok i will stop with this and do something that would make ppl say iam a, GoOd GiRl……….