I often get forwarded mails.. since iam in many groups in various domains, i get lot of them..
2 weeks back i got a mail regarding the usage of particular shampoo (Pantene Pro -v) where in that mail they said that there is sodium laureth sulphate and it brings about cancer. i have heard about many such things, like fair and lovely when applied to face for many years would bring up cancer.

So wats the actual intension of these forwards? are they sent by their rival companies, becas most of such mails target on P & G company, so many be the others could have initiated this one? or ,,,,,,,,,,,, Are these things true?

So wat are these ppl aiming at?
Many s/w professionals get such forwards, some stop using such products and many ignore these mails as junk, so wat does this companies do to customers, try to get them cancer for the money they pay? or just thinking about the business they are involved

In that mail it was referred that this one SLS was added to give foam in shampoos and colgate paste..
yes i too think they lather more than the sunsilk i used few months back. So how could a chemical that produce lather produce cancer, afterall we rinse our hair after our bath and how could that go and cause cancer?

I got the answer for this question yesterday, when i applied neem oil on my head, after half an hour i felt bitterness in my throat and i couldnt stand by its nasty smell. So the oil we apply in our head is not the external therapy , but it does some thing internally too. I found this one true, but i got no lab to proove SLS is causing cancer ;D