So, today it was rather a better experience in my life..
My sister came from chennai, to get better vision in her eyes through the so called laser treatment…
So, i was rather thrilled, to witness this thing.
i went with her accompanied with my amma and appa,..
was very curious…

we started from our home by 1:45 as planned by appa, so there was some starting problem, the call taxi didnt come in the right time..
so was tensed a little bit..
it started to dizzle..
so we treid to go the end of the street and get the auto from the stand near my house.
atlast we are in the auto and finally reached the place, with no other worries in our mind.

There we are asked to pay the total amount of 22,000 and we were given a bill and directed to the 2nd floor, where we saw many others in the similar situation.
So, wats next, we sat in the chair there.. and started to wait for our turn.
it was 2:30 when all these things were over..

we got introduced to a patient near by, a college student ..
and after some time an expatient came over there, and as usual she was interviewed… by all others including amma.
we were waiting..
now time os 3:30 and we thought it was rather very boring to sit there..
then i thought we could go to the canteen which was in the first floor..
but appa said we may be called any time, so we were sitting talking all nonsense,…
i rather got angry and hungry.. so finally at about 3:45 we went to the canteen

there i ate 2 puffs, uthra had coffee, appa and amma had tea..
so thats all, then we went to the 2nd floor, and as usual started to wait over there.

Then atlast she was called by 6:30, by that time all of us are rather really exhausted..
then we are asked to get 2 drops and few tabs and then after 45 mins she came from there with eyes rather pouring out the water all that it had in the entire body.. 😛

Finally we, came to the downfloor, waited for some 15 mins then , the doc checked the power and then we got an auto and came home, i was very eager to know wat they did inside the operation theater.,
so when we came home after having dinner i asked her about it, and she explained the procedure and the pain that was felt over at each stage.. finally we called over paati and said about all these things.
All are now tensed .. and uthra is now sleeping in my place..
hope and pray things are settled ..

Thanks to the new technology called LASIK and the doctors who made this possible!!!