Couldnt get the books…

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Today slept the whole day asusual, so asusual my plans didnt go well, i planned to go to bookshop to get books, i dono whether they got the cert books or not, anyway its better to try than to be idle..

i slept, slept, and slept.. so atlast i woke up by 7 pm and took a fresh bath and then i went to the nearby bookshop with appa, they didnt even know the names of the book i asked for , after all they are common books.. anyway he tried to get the books from other shops, but at last everything was failure, so i changed my plan to get the books tommorrow morning in townhall itself…

After which we went to the anna poorna hotel, i had idli and dosai , appa had idlies and kichadi.. so we filled our stomach and hotel owner’s pocket with some bucks 😀

Then we got the saree from drycleaning, and appa paid the amount..
After crossing the road appa went to the medical shop to get few usual tabs, then we came to home and iam typing this just after entering home,
one thing in hotel was wiered today, we saw the big family dosai, it costs around 125rs the server who served us said this..

It was nice to hear uthra’s correspondent approved her decision for applying for Phd, kool news i got in mail to , i replied the mail and slept, meanwhile she called to appa said abt it..

Amma in trainging, hmm, i dono wat she would be doing, anyway wish to see her soon…


A Beautiful Mind..

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I rather come to the conclusion that most of the ppl have seen this movie, i rather love it than anyother movie , i have ever seen, ( may be in the future things may change..) but iam sure of one thing that , always this is my favourite movie and it will stand in my heart..

iam rather sure of one thing that all nuts have some thing real and some thing that are not real to the world but are worthy to them, they may be illutions dreams, etc.. but i think thats the driving force each achiever got that makes him the best focussed one day.. ppl comment as nuts as they did the John Nash in the movie.. but they honour him one day and thats the day the others would never get in their entire lifetime.. for that day all nuts work work work and only work..

I see few similarities with him.. i try to make things my original ones, like Nash, but iam not as intelligent to succeed and not that much gifted, but i think iam rather the one who is making use of the given resources the most than anyof my counterparts. May be all are thinking like this, but the one scene i saw there, showed a slight resemblance, i rather scribble things in my table and nash does them on the window..

Kool, iam not a scientist like Nash, but iam rather an exceptional creature without any focus, many say that iam not focussed on a particular field to get into a good position, though i understand this i couldnt resist my thirst of lesarning watever i hear.. that impress me i try to know atleast the basics, so i dont have anything to put on my profile, i could say i know that i know this, but nothing seem to be vital for the ppl who see it, so that makes my mind a garbage..

I too got my own writeups and critics abt few technologies, but since i dont have a deep knowledge in things that form their basics i cant do anything with them , except keeping them in my dairy.. You may ask , how could i comment without knowing the basics, i dont have any answer for this, but i think some thing worthy is there in me that people dont understand, since i dont know any methos to say to them..i didnt publish any technical paper, any article i have never ever created a scientific model or even a small thesis……. but i wait for some day , which becomes a day by which i would have focussed and have a solid stuff that would rather be helpful to others.

Many may think its a bluff after seeing this movie, but i rather saw a exceptional charactor , not the Russel Crowe there. I know wat would be going on in plps mind after reading such things, they may think that iam in a sort of self pity.. some may think that iam boasting abt somehting that everyone has got..some may just think that iam in nuts ………really i dont have any answer that would satisfy them or even me, i just thought it that way , so wrote it here, so pl taking in serious sense please dont take it bad and jus think its a bluff and go on to some other interesting blog that you may like to read 🙂

The Wish List

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Got a big wish list, dono wat if i dont get, but i would rather like it to be listed out here.. many are costly things that are my in wishes always, this one will always get updated 😀

kool, now lets get the things started..

1==> CDMA mobile phone
2==> Unlimited broadband internet conection
3==> DVD player
4==> Home Theater System
5==> DVD RW for my system.
6==> a personal TV
7==> a digital stereo for playing my cds with all woofer settings
8==> a watch on the xtees website, it costs around 240 rs 😀
9==> a book shelf to have my books safely
10==> Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler cost around 130 rs.
11==> A named T-Shirt
12==> a Fridge with tonnes of icecreames and cool drinks and cakes …
13==> a Toyota Car 😀 — this one is rather the costliest..
14==> a ftp server of my own, no hosting business and all
15==> A jean that would fit me , i dono whether this would happen even i have money ( iam that fat)
16==> A Scroll mouse from microsoft or logitech
17==> A machine that gives cutlet whenever i ask..
18==> Great posters all around my room.. 😀
19==> a perfect camera with a fine ZooM 😉
20==> dvds list start here

Movies…and shows..

1==> Tom and Jerry (toon)
2==> Spiderman
3==> Popoye show (toon)
4==> Terminator 2 the judgement day
5==> The Mask
6==> The Mummy returns
7==> Miss.Congeniality
8==> Men In Black 1 and 2
9==> Run Away Bride
10==> AXN CSI series
11==> Richie Rich
12==> Van Helsing
13==> The Haunted
14==> Excorcist
15==> The Beautiful Mind
16==> Titanic
17==> Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
18==> Batman and Robin
19==> Tommorrow Never Dies
20==>Monalisa Smile
21==> Spykids (all the parts)
22==> Erin Brookwich
23==> Independence Day
24==> Jurracic Park ( the first ever movie i watched in theaters )
25==> Bullet proof monk
26==> Lara Croft – Tomb Raider
27==> Day After Tommorrow

May be i forgot some now, would get it in the near future..

Computer ……..all things messed up ……….huh,

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today just starred at my computer for few mins, and wished to replace it somewhere where the lighting is perfect.. so just i thought i could shift the monitor to another table..

after doing that, it was very bad to lok at the set up, that cpu cabinet, UPS are in a table , speakers some where , and monitor alone in another table, so both the tables are unusable 😦

Then i asked appa for a solution..
he said some but all seemed to arrage one by one like office setup, so i found my own way, took everything frm previous table, ie.. modem, cpu cabinet, mouse , keyboard and placed in the new location, where i want them to be present.

shit the UPS is still there sitting like a rabbit in the other big table,
oops, now only i found that there is no plug point out there, where the UPS could be shifted to give a better look 😦 ………huh wat could i do after recablibg everything :((… need to think, was sitting among that mess and thinking how could things be solved, appa came over and consoled me saying we could get a big extension wire so that we could fit it over, but i feared if it couldnt allow heavy load and burned, wat would happen, so we finished our break fast and went to the electronics shop to get the cable length increased

Yeah, hurray, we got the thing worked out 😀
the elctronics shop owner gave us another way to increase the cable length, he said he would attach a heavy duty thick wire to the existing computer junction box we had, kool , things started woking out, so i asked him to give me a extension of 3 metres so that i could fit, then i changed the mind and i asked for the extra one more metre, then he said he would give it by evening 6, we were back after going to LIC to pay the amount..

So, i was in home i cold resist sitting without usng computers 😦 iam rather adicted to it, so, wat could i do, i got few options, eat, sleep, or watch TV, ( i never learnt without my mp3s 😛 ) so i started to sleep … and it was by 7:30 i got up and my dad , got the ordered thing from the shop, so the work started again… i fixed with everything with dad’s help.. and i thought things are over huh, yeah finally everything is over…

Stil my room is a mess, i never liked to clean things and keep in right position, so i liked being that way.. “Kalainthirunthaal veedu , adukki irunthaal museaum ” 😛 i used this dialogue for excuses ;D

kool.. now everything is set right and the speakers are on top, lingering the duet song mettu podu, hearing after a long time..

Cold in Summer……. :(

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Its rather irritating to have a kerchief in summer, yeah i got cold and thats the most disgusting thing i ever know in this world.. Iam not allowed to drink fruity thats in our fridge and i need to wait tilll everyone sleeps in the night.. so wat a bore life.. today i asked my mom for a cup of lemon juice and got few good words for not drinking honey ( to reduce weight..) i explained her that i couldnt get up so early by 9 and drink those fluids that she says.. finlally i won.. i got the lemon juice, but now i feel for that its rather gatting worse, which one, my cold only .. i dont know what sort of trouble i will face tonight, iam rather happy that i learnt few things in pointers .. i think tommorrow i may go to the book shop and get few books, ( for pl/sql and pointers in c) hope things are fine by tommorrow morning if i get up :-P…….

I was rather posting few things in the programmer heaven yesterday couldnt get all my doubts cleared.. hmm… need a c expert to be present beside me.. to make a better ‘C’ mind…hhhehe

Same song from New is goign on.. need to change the winamp, but iam rather adicted to writing,,..ok i will stop with this and do something that would make ppl say iam a, GoOd GiRl……….

JJ reversed everything!!!!!!!

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I really dont know why did JJ took this ‘U’ turn after the election results.. may be she would have been upset of the results and trying to get back the support by revoking things back to the previous position, she made everything reverse, she revoked everythign that she did till now in this 3 years.. i dont understand her motive behind this.. anyway hope things are fine in the future… this approach of her makes her image shattle since people like me thought that she is dynamic.. but this has made one thing true that every one has some breaking point…

Indian Elections – 2004!

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Its not just the victory that could be seen after elections, the victory of democracy can also be seen here, i was fascinated by the graphics that was publiched today by The Hindu paper, i got up very late today , the first thing i saw was the “How India voted” article in Hindu daily. I think i waited such a long time only to make use of that graphic.

Fine this was that graphic i was really admiring ….
I know this wont be much clear … i just wanted to have it over here,
and iam rather interested to say a few words about what this graphic said to me… so the orange color is BJP and blue the congress, the red ones are for the Left ppl… 😀

Voting in India……

So wat could we say about the voting..
I was very much surprised to see the polling % all over India, the highest was, none other than the Nagaland with 91.7 %..
so we should look out the other side, the lowest % of polling was on Jammu and Kashmir with 35.2%..

I couldnt beleive the voting % i saw in the capital, it was only 47.1%…….. so wat are those citizens in the capital doing??
anyway leave all those controversies, the elections were over, for ppl who want to look at the enlarged picture of the above graphics i give them this link, the hindu graphic

The Political drama!

I was really surprised to see the news for the past 2 or 3 days , all the political actors were enacting their role … especially BJP ppl and their allies like RSS, Sang pariwar,and ofcourse Congress was not left behind , every one there had a chance..

Especially, ppl like Uma Bharati started with her resignation, i dont know now wats the position of her resignation.. fine, everyone got their innervoice and it was prooved by the Sonia’s statement the next day. I was eagerly awaiting to see the congress party meeting, but wat i saw was a kindergarden class, poorly managed .. i dont know what these ppl were doing there for few mins, my dad explained few things, still i couldnt get a real picture of what is goign on, and at one point i saw Mr.Manishankar Iyer talking.. i dont know how these ppl could say such illegitimate words like.. “I want to see Sushma swaraj with her head shaven..” it goes on, wat a nasty politics, wat ever may be the party, things were nasty and it was rather very unpleasant to see the world is watching such scenes.. It really made me feel deeply.

Party Jumpers like Renuka Choudary etc.. were crying about the Sonia’s political decision, iam sure TDP leader would be knowing the real face of such people..

I dont know wat the hell is going on..

Our PM Dr.Manmohan Singh…..

I have heard my dad talking about Mr.Singh when i was in school, he was the finance minister and a good man my dad used to say.. as for my openion is concerned,.. i never heard that there were any cases with respect to him, like our CM had.. It the respect and dignity my heart offers to him, i see him equal to that of our former PM MR.Atal, If it was sonia in his place, i dont know whether i would ahve supported this move, ie .. iam in the opposition groud, since i didnt see any sort of administrative capability in her and her reluctace to come tot India after her marriage, i dont know, how congress men made her as their chief.. Still i would appreciate her to have handed over the prestegious PM post to Mr.Singh to show his capability..

yeah things are fine till now and the statements made by Mr.Singh are similar to those of the previos politicians but i see a determination in his statements.. Lets wait and see, if there is some thing happens in our country that would make each of us proud..

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