I got this picture from one of the forwards , and year back, ( if iam not wrong).. i dono wat do ppl do when they drive( i usually eat :P)………..
but this one is interesting, are only women capable of doing such things??………….
Is it true that all men over here in the world are good drivers, may be the one ,, who hasn’t made any accidents since his drive..
Some guy collected such pictures and forwarded to his friends.. and he wouldnt have imagined i could get it from him some how… anyway traffic rules need to be respected and that would earn much better credit , than parking cars in the subways !!!!!!!!!!!………………..
I dont have much experience in driving 4 wheelers, since i dono (ofcourse i dont have one 😛 ).. but reading an article last week from The Hindu where all the girls who are driving were asked to talk about their experiences.. all were educated and they said they respect traffic rules (ofcourse when asked for new paper i too would say all such poies ).. but when enquired in traffic control, they said all the accidents are commited by men and women are into such situations rarely ( may be they sit near to the driver and talk– to make the accidents possible..) anyway who knows wats the truth.. just thought i could have some words on this thing.. thats it….