After a moderate turn over thirumalai, i dono wat our good hero vijay is trying to get into,..

Seeing the trailers of both his movies udhaya and gilli, the thoughts i get are rather the same one , which one of my friend (an ardent vijay fan got..)
wats the meaning of releasing both the films simulataneously.. with a song in new getup and the entire movie in the old view.. dono wats the problem, but surely its the drawback of the ilaya thalapathi do so, .. could have done some thing,,.. its his career..

Speaking about Gilli,

it was a good movie with a better screen play i heard my friends commenting out, due to dharani..
but i coldnt be sure of the outcome , since the movie is similar to run ( as for me & and pardon, i didnt see it though) from its trailers..
i think this should be a better one.. one song was nice, may be few could turn out to be good numbers, but all are the same rash tempo,.. so wats trisha doing there, running with vijay all over as seen in the trailer..?? or some thing else.. need to wait till my exams are over to watch it in the screen..