I really dono wat sort of digital trick is this..
and ofcourse as a computer lover would like to know.. but iam very much depressed the way the Indian curency is treated in such a way.. would the euros or dolars be duplicated in such a way?? and ofcourse will they be sent in mails congragulating for the success or declaring it as bonus??
This thing must need attention..
why do ppl make fun of India, is the take it easy approach that we show when such things happen… i dono how to react with this one.. i cant hurt my friend for forwarding such things.. i could just say him to be caucious ( he will laugh at me ang go…) as every other one reading this might do…
but those who laugh i dont care.. but if this makes atleast few of those forwarders to think before forwarding , that would rather save India from comically abused..
Hope my thought is agreed ( atleast by Indians.. :(…… )