Iam sure that vivek is thinking over.. abt wat u ppl may ask.. abt acting in a lead role ( not the one similar to boys…) i mean a hero..
will that suit him.. he is charming ok, he is good to watch in comical way.. will he fit over in the hero rack??
This needs some thinking and iam sure vivek is doing that.. as for my thoughts are concerned.. he shouldnt till he gets a better screen play ( to post himself in comedy roles + hero== comic hero) like kamal’s thenali etc..
the actor is having high abilities but iam not sure of his success as hero..not a good fighter.. couldnt dance and even if he does as he did in run and other films.. we would not enjoy his dance , but would laugh when we first see him, its his success as comedian , and not as hero.. thats wat i got to say in this regard..:P